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ISOVER HygroWick ®

Insulating sleeve suitable for cold or dual distribution in the temperature range 0 to 250 ° C, especially for cases where there is also a requirement for non-flammability of insulation (protected escape routes, etc.). Application for short-term temperatures below 0 ° C only after consultation with the manufacturer. The insulation thickness must be at least such that the surface temperature of the cladding is higher than the dew point temperature.
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Coiled pipe insulation sleeves are made of glass wool. The insulating sleeve has the shape of a hollow longitudinally divided cylinder made of one segment. The product is provided on the inside with a non-flammable capillary conductive fabric to ensure functionality in insulating cold distribution and on the outside it is provided with a surface treatment with aluminum foil. The longitudinal joints are glued with system perforated aluminum tape to perfectly close the housing and to create a functional and aesthetic covering of the capillary conductive fabric.

Key Facts

  • non-flammable type of insulation - reaction to fire class A2L-s1,d0
  • very good thermal insulation performance
  • excellent workability - the product can be easily cut with a sharp knife
  • very fast installation - without the need to glue the joints with adhesive
  • constant thermal conductivity over time thanks to the active element (capillary conductive fabric)
  • the only type of insulation that can be applied to pipes in operation
  • the product is made of min. 70% recycled glass
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40 15,6 14,4 12,0 10,8 10,8 8,4 7,2 7,0 9,6 4,8 4,8 4,8 4,8 3,6 2,4


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2 datasheets related with the product
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1 datasheet related with the product
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