The complete range of Isover products in the Czech Republic includes products made of basalt and glass wool, expanded polystyrene and accessories for system insulation solutions for insulating floors, partitions, walls, facades, ceilings, soffits, flat and pitched roofs and piping.

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Isover EPS Grey 100

Graphite insulating EPS boards with an increased insulating effect for heavy and  light floating floors without requirements for  footfall absorption.

Floor insulation
Flat roof insulation

Isover EPS 200

In the course of 50 years of use, white insulation boards have gained a firm place on construction sites due to their excellent utility properties.

Floor insulation
Flat roof insulation

Isover Tram EPS

Structural beams intended for the insulation system above the rafters. Other beam heights can be supplied on request. Consumption 1.2 pcs/m<sup>2</sup>.

Nadkrokevní zateplení
Zateplení půdy

Isover EPS 100F

Isover EPS 100F insulation boards are intended especially for ETICS facade insulation systems with increased demands on compressive strength and other applications without significant pressure load requirements (floors, etc.).

Facade insulation