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CLIMAVER® Star 360

Phonic Insulation
Simple application
CLIMAVER® 360 is a self-supporting air duct for the distribution of conditioned air for heating, ventilation and air conditioning purposes. It connects all parts of the system through which air is taken in, conditioned, conducted and discharged. The CLIMAVER® 360 system has been designed to provide excellent acoustic attenuation, thermal performance and a high level of airtightness.
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Product characteristics

CLIMAVER® Star 360 is the perfect solution for installing self-supporting air handling systems outdoors or outside buildings.

CLIMAVER® Star 360 reduces the level of noise generated by fans and air conditioning units and provides excellent acoustic comfort to building users. It uses a special coating providing vapor barrier and protection against ultraviolet radiation. This means long-term durability and performance for your piping system.


Thanks to the speed of installation of the already pre-insulated pipe, you will save time and therefore excess costs at the workplace.


This pre-insulated self-supporting air duct CLIMAVER® Star 360 was specially developed for outdoor use.

Key Facts

Best duct noise reduction

  • High sound absorption.

Quick and easy installation

  • Production of pipes directly on the construction site or by prefabrication.
  • Light material, only 2 kg/m2.
  • System joint tongue + groove.
  • Scoring lines for the creation of fittings.

Extraordinary energy saving

  • Highest air tightness class.
  • Excellent thermal insulation properties.

Sustainable system and certificates

  • Contains more than half of recycled glass.
  • The product has a CE mark - it meets the legislative requirements of the European Union.
  • Environmental Product Declaration - EPD.
  • Product life cycle assessment - LCA (Life Cycle Assessment).
  • Air quality in living spaces (Indoor Air Comfort Gold).

Product variations

Articles information
Thickness (mm) Rozměry (mm) Packaging (m2) Palette (m2) Kamion (m2)
Thickness (mm)40 Rozměry (mm)3 000 x 1 210 Packaging (m2)3,63 Palette (m2)65,34 Kamion (m2)1 568

Products must be stored indoors, in a dry and clean place.


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9 datasheets related with the product
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