The complete range of Isover products in the Czech Republic includes products made of basalt and glass wool, expanded polystyrene and accessories for system insulation solutions for insulating floors, partitions, walls, facades, ceilings, soffits, flat and pitched roofs and piping.

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Isover TDPT

Isover TDPT boards are the strongest, acoustically and thermally best mineral fiber floor boards. They are intended for light and heavy floating floors, just like Isover T-P basalt plates, but in addition they offer a wider range of thicknesses and improved thermal technical parameters.

Isover Merino

Isover Merino boards are flexible and stable in shape. They are suitable for any thermal and sound-free insulation, especially for building into partitions, as well as filling ceilings, suspended ceilings and cavities (increasing the insulating capacity of the structure against noise). 

Isover InsulSafe®

Pure blown mineral insulation suitable for insulating ceilings and hollow structures. It is a loose insulating material, made of an inorganic and chemically neutral material that does not contain corrosive components.


Lambda λD = 0,035 (W·m-1·K-1)

Insulating roll made with glass wool ISOVER 4+. The mineral fibres produced are processed into the final mat shape on the production line. Made in Italy with at least 80% of recycled glass and with an exclusive, patented binder, that ensures maximum indoor air quality.