Pitched roof insulation between and below rafters

V současné době izolace mezi krokve dle současných platných norem, ale i z ekonomického hlediska nestačí, proto se doplňuje také izolací pod krokvemi. Kombinací obou tlouštěk izolace pak lze docílit požadované kvality komfortu zatepleného prostoru.

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ISOVER Vario Xtrafit

ISOVER Vario® XtraFit is a two-part selling material without solvents, resistant to separation, suitable for realization of all airtight joints to Various construction parts, e.g. gable walls, purlins, windows, doors. With no pressure lath required, it is applied in 7–8 mm layer to ensure permanent airtight connection of the vapour barrier to peripheral masonry constructions. It is packed in a convenient cartridge or in a bigger, nearly wasteless package (roll in a foil). Processing temperature ≥ +5°C. (Temperature resistence -30°C to +100°C.)