Attic floor insulation - accessible variant

├Üsporn├Żm ┼Öe┼íen├şm p┼Öi zachov├ín├ş tepeln─Ť izola─Źn├şch, odkladov├Żch a z├írove┼ł pochoz├şch vlastnost├ş p┼»dy je kombinace miner├íln├ş vaty a EPS. Syst├ęm Isover STEPcross vyu┼ż├şv├í pevnosti EPS tr├ímc┼» v kombinaci s tepelnou ├║─Źinnost├ş m─Ťk─Ź├şch desek z miner├íln├şch vl├íken. Aplikace je jednoduch├í bez tepeln├Żch most┼» a s minim├íln├şm zat├ş┼żen├şm stropu.

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<p>Lambda ╬╗ = 0,035</p>Insulating load-bearing cross made of EPS for the Isover STEPcross system composition consisting of two 500 x 100 mm parts. Consumption is 0.75 pcs / m2. We supply the system composition only as a set (for mineral insulation and vapor barrier, we supply the appropriate number of EPS crosses and EPS beams).

ISOVER Vario Doublefit

ISOVER Vario® DoubleFit is a two-component, solvent-free, tear-resistant sealant suitable for making all airtight connections on parts of buildings, e.g., gable walls, purlins, windows, doors. It is applied in thickness 7-8 mm to ensure a permanent airtight connection of the steam brake and perimete


ISOVER Vario® KB 1 is a wide adhesive tape with an unusually high adhesive strength. It is developed especially for safe airtight gluing of Vario® vapor barrier foil overlaps.

ISOVER Vario Multitape SL

ISOVER Vario® MultiTape SL is a one-sided, elastic, highly flexible adhesive tape for airtight gluing of foils such as the Vario® vapor barrier foil. It is suitable for corners, joints, and passages through the roof and for solving the connection of the steam brake to rafters, purlins, roof windows,

ISOVER Vario KM Duplex UV

ISOVER Vario® KM Duplex UV vapour barrier was developed as a polyamide based foil, which, apart from being a vapour barrier, also has a variable equivalent diffusion sd thickness, providing for the control of the construction moisture.