Joint ceiling insulation

Konstrukce podhledu stropu bungalovu je nutno řešit dle požadavků požárně bezpečnostního řešení. Často nutné splnit požární odolnost EI 30 min. Proto by se měli použít na podhled sádrokartonové desky se
zvýšenou požární odolností spolu s minerální čedičovou izolací min tloušťky 60 mm.

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Lambda λD = 0,035 (W·m-1·K-1)

Insulating roll made with glass wool ISOVER 4+. The mineral fibres produced are processed into the final mat shape on the production line. Made in Italy with at least 80% of recycled glass and with an exclusive, patented binder, that ensures maximum indoor air quality. The insulation is not harmful to the environment or public health, and it is resistant to moulds, fungi and wood-destroying insects. The insulation in the construction should be properly protected (vapourproof foil, suitable protection against dust)

ISOVER Multimax 30

Lambda λD = 0,030 (W·m-1·K-1)

Insulating slabs made of Isover fibreglass wool. The production method is based on the fibering of glass melt and other additives and ingredients. The mineral fibres produced are processed into the final slab shape on the production line. The entire fibre surface is hydrophobic. The slabs in the construction should be protected suitably against the weather effects (outer cassette sheathing, diffusion and vapour-proof foil).

ISOVER Unirol Profi

Lambda λD = 0,033 (W·m-1·K-1)

Pitched roof - insulation below, between and above the rafters Floor, ceiling and suspended ceiling - Attic floor insulation non-accessible variant - Suspended ceiling insulation - Joint ceiling insulation