Isover Vario® XtraTape

<b>HIGH ADHESIVE STRENGTH, WIDTH 60 mm</b><br>Universal very strong single-sided adhesive tape for connecting Xtrasafe vapor barrier overlaps and for gluing details and penetrations through the vapor barrier.
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Product characteristics

The Isover Vario® accessory system is specially developed for gluing joints in the surface and details of the Isover Vario® XtraSafe steam brake. The system was developed for light perimeter envelopes of buildings where it is necessary to prevent the penetration of moisture into the structure. Thanks to its patented technology - the ability to change the equivalent diffusion thickness, it can also help the drying of the composition. The Vario® premium series, which is based on the Isover Vario® XtraSafe vapor barrier with a maximum equivalent diffusion thickness of 25 m.


Isover Vario® XtraTape is a particularly wide adhesive tape with extremely high adhesive strength. Specially developed for safe, airtight sealing of Isover Vario® vapor barrier overlaps. It is also suitable for corners, joints and passages through the roof, as well as for the solution of connecting the vapor barrier to rafters, purlins, skylights, etc. It can be applied at temperatures ≥ -10°C.

Packaging, transport, storage

Isover Vario® accessories are packed in boxes of several pieces. During transport, there must be no mechanical damage to the products, dry storage. Storage of the sealant for a maximum of 24 months at temperatures of +5°C to +40°C. The putty is short-term resistant to -30 °C.

Key Facts

  • adaptable protection against air humidity and condensation throughout the year
  • variably diffusely permeable - water vapor permeability
  • ecological and hygienic safety
  • together with sealing sealant and adhesive tapes form a vapor barrier system
  • easy formability and adaptability in detail

Product variations

Articles information
Šířka pásky (mm) bm v roli
Šířka pásky (mm)60 bm v roli20


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4 datasheets related with the product
4 datasheets related with the product
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