Blue-green solutions

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Blue-green solutions

These are cover solutions for green roofs, green façades, blue roofs and other elements of the blue-green infrastructure.

Blue-green infrastructure is a network of water and green elements built in harmony with nature in built-up areas. These elements are used in architecture and urban planning to address climate problems, keep water in cities and improve the climate. Their impact on the quality of the environment, the city and human health is very significant and confirmed by many studies.

Blue infrastructure includes water features for stormwater capture, management or treatment. Together with green features, i.e. flora, it increases plant species diversity and habitat diversity for animal species.

Why deal with the insulation of a flat green roof?

We all observe weather changes every day, but making a difference is not difficult, if you care about the natural environment, give nature a chance to work on the roof of your house to replace the built-up area that has been taken away from nature. A cooler underfloor, a better microclimate around the house or double the life of the waterproofing are just some of the benefits we get with a green roof.

Elements of blue-green infrastructure:

 ● Water bodies – ponds, lakes, dams, wetlands

 ● Watercourses – rivers, streams, canals

 ● Retention basins, soakaway pools

 ● Greenery – parks, trees, avenues, grass strips

 ● Green roof – extensive, intensive, biodiversity,...

 ● Green façades

 ● Blue roofs

Benefits of blue-green Isover solutions:

Nicer aesthetics and higher architectural value

View of greenery, higher value of the property, contact with natural environment

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Social interaction

 Roof gardens as space for getting together and relaxing

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Local environmental improvements

Diverse composition of plants, smog trapping, photosynthesis

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Reduced heat island effect

 Considerably lower surface temperatures and less heat accumulation

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Rainwater management

Local water retention and subsequent evaporation

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Improved indoor microclimate

Better indoor thermal comfort and no building overheating

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 Improved acoustics

 Reduced environmental noise and better acoustic comfort


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 Lower operating costs

Reduced air conditioning costs, increased efficiency of photovoltaic panels, multiplied waterproofing lifetime

What is the cost of insulating a flat green roof?

  • The cost of a whole extensive green roof including labour oscillates around 1,000 CZK/m2.

What makes our solutions unique?

A unique combination of conventional approach and innovative materials. We complement the typical solutions with hydrophilic mineral wool, which brings a higher accumulation of water while keeping the solutions lightweight. As fibrillated volcanic rock is the primary material in the hydrophilic mineral wool, the material’s environmental burden is minimum. Industrial fibrillation is based on the natural volcanic rock fibrillation that generates strands known as Pele’s hair.