Isover Vario® KB1

<b>High adhesive strength, width 60 mm</b><br>Adhesive tape for air-tight sealing of overlaps of Isover Vario<sup>®</sup> KM Duplex UV vapor barrier.
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Product characteristics

The Vario® accessories system is specially developed for gluing joints in the surface and in the details of the Isover Vario® KM Duplex UV steam brake. The system was developed for lightweight building envelopes where it is necessary to prevent the penetration of moisture into the structure. Thanks to its patented technology - the ability to change the equivalent diffusion thickness, it can also help the drying of the composition. The standard Vario® series, which is based on the Isover Vario® KM Duplex UV vapor retarder with a variable diffusion thickness of 0.3 – 5 m.


Isover Vario® KB1 is a particularly wide adhesive tape with extremely high adhesive strength. Specially developed for safe, airtight sealing of Vario® steam brake overlaps. Can be applied at temperatures ≥ –10°C.

Packaging, transport, storage

Vario® accessories are packed in boxes of several pieces. During transport, there must be no mechanical damage to the products, storage in a dry and dark place. Storage of the sealant for a maximum of 24 months at temperatures of +5°C to +40°C. The putty is short-term resistant to -30 °C.

Key Facts

  • adaptable protection against air humidity and condensation throughout the year
  • variably diffusely permeable - water vapor permeability
  • ecological and hygienic safety
  • together with sealing sealant and adhesive tapes form a vapor barrier system
  • easy formability and adaptability in detail

Product variations

Articles information
Šířka pásky (mm) bm v roli
Šířka pásky (mm)60 bm v roli40


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4 datasheets related with the product
4 datasheets related with the product
Dřevostavby Isover
Katalog Šikmé střechy a stropy
Prodejci Isover Vario
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1 datasheet related with the product
1 datasheet related with the product
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