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CLIMAVER self-supporting ducts for outdoor use
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CLIMAVER® is a self-supporting duct for air-conditioning and ventilation systems.
CLIMAVER® STAR is a perfect solution when installing self-supporting air duct systems outdoors or outside buildings.
CLIMAVER® offers superior thermal performance and a high level of airtightness to keep your air fresh and make the system energy efficient. CLIMAVER® STAR reduces noise levels generated by fans and air-conditioning units providing superior acoustic comfort to the building users. 
CLIMAVER® STAR is using special facing providing vapour barrier and ultraviolet protection. This means long-lasting durability and performance for your duct system.

Key Facts

  • Thermal insulation
  • Sound absorption
  • Lightweight

Product variations

Articles information
Packaging (m2/PC) Palette (m2/PAL)
Packaging (m2/PC)3,63 Palette (m2/PAL)65,34