Glass wool
Technical insulation


CLIMAVER® Deco is a suitable solution, for example, for forced ventilation systems in residential and non-residential premises. It always depends on the assessment of the specific character of the building and the proposed HVAC system. The installation of this type of piping is suitable for types of buildings where internal wiring is visible and are also a decorative element: restaurants, cafes, galleries, cinemas, theaters, educational facilities, office buildings, residential buildings.
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CLIMAVER® is a self-supporting air duct for the distribution of treated air for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The CLIMAVER® A2 Deco system has been designed to provide excellent thermal performance and a high level of airtightness. This makes the system energy efficient. The core of the panel is made of glass wool. The outer side of the panel is covered with colored fabric, which offers various color variants. The inner surface of the channel is protected by a durable antibacterial fiberglass fabric with high mechanical resistance. The system is designed to meet the reaction to fire class A2-s1, d0. Thanks to the speed of installation of already pre-insulated pipes, you will save time and thus excess costs in the workplace.

Key Facts

  • quick installation
  • extraordinary energy savings
  • noise reduction
  • non-flammability
  • contains up to 80% recycled glass

Product variations

Articles information
Packaging (m2/PK) Palette (m2/PAL)
Packaging (m2/PK)24,99 Palette (m2/PAL)149,94
Packaging (m2/PK)24,99 Palette (m2/PAL)149,94
Packaging (m2/PK)24,99 Palette (m2/PAL)149,94