Stone wool

Isover SD

Phonic Insulation
Thermal insulation properties
Fire Resistant
Drop plates. Sizes according to project requirements. Falling system made of mineral fibers usually with a slope of 2%, but it is possible to supply up to a slope of 15%. More information will be provided by the manufacturer.
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Isover SD boards are suitable as a fall layer of single-skin flat roofs, which significantly improves the thermal technical parameters of the roof skin, minimally burdens the ceiling structure and, due to the dry process, shortens the installation time. It is most often produced with a 2% slope, but it is possible to make a slope tailored to a particular flat roof. Fall plates are used in intermediate layers, between 2 plates of thermal insulation.

Packaging, transport, storage

Products must be transported in covered means of transport under conditions that exclude their wetting or other deterioration. They are stored lying down in covered areas.

Key Facts

  • very good thermal insulation capabilities
  • high fire resistance
  • excellent acoustic properties in terms of sound absorption
  • low diffusion resistance - easy permeability for water vapor
  • ecological and hygienic safety
  • water repellency - insulating materials are hydrophobized
  • long life
  • resistance against wood-destroying pests, rodents and insects
  • easy machinability - products can be cut, drilled, etc.

Product variations

Articles information
Thickness (mm) D√©lka x Ň°√≠Ňôka (mm) Sp√°d (%)
Thickness (mm)0 - 140 D√©lka x Ň°√≠Ňôka (mm)1200 √ó 1000 Sp√°d (%)0 - 14


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2 datasheets related with the product
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1 datasheet related with the product
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1 datasheet related with the product
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